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Fishy business

Senior executive at an inter-departmental meeting: “Aap yeh yehan chhorr jaien. Main iss ke prawns and cons ko study kar keh batata hoon.”

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Mind it!

Guy to co-worker: “Mere andar ki kuttiya ko mat jagao.”

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The Social Network

Boss: “Kya kar rahey ho? Facebook?”
Sports reporter: “Sahib, woh tou sirf Zulqarnain Hyder ke status ko check karney ke liye khol ta houn.”

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Blood is thicker than water.

On seeing the picture of President Zardari donating blood:

Guy: “Mujhe bhi sadr sahib ka khoon chahye. Mein ne bhi bara businessman banna hai.”

Be Pakistani, Buy Pakistani.

During drunk Minister of Provincial Assembly XYZ’s speech at the Sindh Assembly

Reporter to other MPA’s PRO: Hey, why don’t you get this guy the same alcohol you get your MPA?
Other MPA’s PRO: What can I do if XYZ likes drinking desi stuff?

Don’t judge a…

Boss to Employee: “Just because I’m wearing a nice kurta that doesn’t mean I’m made out of money.”

Shoania Mania.

After watching the Shoaib Malik-Sania Mirza wedding coverage and preparations for their reception in Lahore:

Colleague #1: “Kaash mein bhi cricketer hota.”
Colleague #2: “Dakait ban jaate. Aisa hi istaqbaal hota”