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Summer resolution

At a party

Girl: “I’m trying to be a better person.”

Friend: “Why?”

Girl: “I DON’T KNOW!”

Credit: Sarwat Azeem


The Aunty Whisky Project

Aunty#1: “Ufff timmy is at harvard na, and he’s doing sooo well. It’s only his freshman year but he’s already in the debate club, made the dean’s list, and involved in the anti-war movement on campus. He’s organized a talk by chomsky, his professors love him, and he’s also taking Latin along with salsa lessons on the weekends. So tell me Gulli how is Arif doing?”

Aunty#2 (hammered): “Well snoopy, like any other normal 18 year old Arif is fucking his brains out.”

Credit: Anonymous

The weakest link

Guy: “I wouldn’t get laid with that move … I’d get lynched.”


Andha Qanoon

Guy: Jis ko kaheen admission nahi milta woh LLB karleta hai
Uncle: Aur phir woh chief justice ban jata hai!

Musical exchanges.

“Should I live in Lahore or in Karachi?” asked a musician who’d just move to Pakistan.

“Dekho yaar… Lahorei mein apni bund marane se behtar hai keh insaan Karachi mein apni gaand maraye,” came the advice from another musician who’d obviously been there, done that.

(Disclaimer by sender: Apologies if anyone categorises this exchange as abusive, I think it is incredibly deep.)
Credit: Mastani

zinda hai..

At a high profile social event

Guest#1: OMG, is that Bilawal Bhutto?

Guest#2 (after peering around tables): Nope, its just a lookalike