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Feel Good Inc

Students of class-just-ended to instructor of class-about-to-start: “What are you teaching?”
Instructor: “Tae-bo. What class did you guys just have?”
Students: “Arabix”
Instructor: “Why would you have an Arabic class at Shapes?”
Me: “Erm. I think they mean aerobics”
Instructor [horrified]: “Oh! Aero-bics. i thought you guys said. Arab..oh… its pronounced aero-bics”
Credit: A.H.


Overheard at a book launch

Woman #1: There is no such thing as Taliban
Woman #2: Haina! I am totally convinced this is all a plot

Eavesdrop Away!

Dear all

Inspired by the website Overheard in New York – I’m starting a desi version! Overheard in Karachi, which I think is long overdue, considering the crazy things we overhear at coffee shops, in the offices, on the streets. So send me your quotes now [and don’t be ashamed that you eavesdrop on conversations, we ALL do it] at huma[dot]imtiaz[@]gmail[dot]com