Filmi much?

Guy: “So what’s this Kal Ho Na Ho wala situation?”


Election Season

Overheard at the salon

Head stylist to staffer: “Chalo hum bhi apni political party banate hain.”


Overheard at the salon

Woman: “What is a dharna?”

Intelligentsia, KLF style.

Overheard at Karachi Literature Festival

“The thing with being in such an environment is… you feel so intelligent.”

Credit: AH


Person # 1 talking to an entire team of people: “Uss ki grandmother christian hain… tau.. she died on saturday….aaj unn ka St.Anthony’s main … hai.. woh… kya kehte hain? hanh! Matrimonial”

Other person trying to salvage the situation: “aap ka matlab aaj unn ka RIP hai….”
Credit: Anon.

Karoon kya dial number?

Guy 1: “So since phones are off tomorrow then let’s just finalize 3 pm for lunch tomorrow.”

Guy 2: “Sure and in case there’s any change just get in touch on my wife’s phone.”

Guy 1: “But won’t her phone also be off?”

Guy 2: “Oh! Right……”

Credit: BH

I can haz retail?

Girl: “When I was in London I heard that Mango had opened up here, so I thought things were getting better. But my internship really opened my eyes.”

Credit: William S.